February 3, 2023

GreenYeti: The Trusted Partner for Cannabis Accounting Services

Top Tax & Accounting Challenges for Cannabis Operators

GreenYeti provides accounting, financial consulting and financial management services to cannabis operators. Administration of taxes like income taxes, sales taxes, excise tax, farming taxes & so on. Bank - establish relationships with banks that could transact transactions on cannabis. Cashflow - Best practice in cash management from an accounting and tax point of view, including mandatory reports from the IRS. Generally speaking entities – choice of federal or state.

Accounting and internal control

Cannabis industry has a number of unique accounting problems. The regulated state and local authorities require a centralized system for maintaining accurate accounts. Tax Code Section 280E requires careful accounting of inventory while complying with taxes required (Madison 2018). In addition, lack of bank access needs special attention for internal controls to ensure cash protection and to ensure a reliable accounting system for cash transactions.

Keeping track of finances can be a difficult and time-consuming endeavor in the cannabis sector due to its fast expansion. Due to the ever-changing nature of the legislation and the one-of-a-kind financial needs, cannabis companies need a reliable partner who can assist them in overcoming these obstacles. The GreenYeti company fills this void in the market.

Why GreenYeti for your cannabis accounting

GreenYeti is established to provide the cannabis business with professional accounting services tailored to its unique needs. Our professional team has years of experience working in the cannabis and accounting industries, providing us with a unique viewpoint and the kind of competence that sets us different from the other companies in our field.

The absence of access to conventional banking services is one of the most significant obstacles confronted by the cannabis sector. Because of this, it may become challenging for firms to manage their financial resources successfully, and it may even put them in danger of facing legal issues. At GreenYeti, we have a deep understanding of these problems, and as a result, we have devised creative solutions to assist our customers in overcoming them.

Bookkeeping, tax planning, and the creation of financial statements are just some of the accounting services we offer as part of our comprehensive offering. Our services are adapted to satisfy the one-of-a-kind necessities of the cannabis sector, guaranteeing that our customers fully comply with all relevant rules and laws. In addition, our knowledgeable staff members stay current on the most recent advancements in the field, which means that you may have faith that your money matters are being handled responsibly.

Not only do we offer our customers the essential accounting services they require, but at GreenYeti, we go above and beyond. In addition, we work together as a partner to ensure the success of their business. To better understand each customer's unique requirements and objectives, the knowledgeable members of our team collaborate closely with those customers. After that, we put this knowledge to use by developing tailored solutions that assist our clients in achieving the results they have in mind.

The fact that we are dedicated to offering excellent customer service is yet another benefit of forming a partnership with GreenYeti. Since we know that maintaining one's finances may be demanding and time-consuming, we work hard to ensure that the process is as streamlined and uncomplicated as is humanly possible. In addition, our team is always accessible to respond to queries and offer support, giving our customers the confidence they need to concentrate on expanding their businesses.

GreenYeti should be your first and only stop if you own a cannabis company and are searching for a reliable business partner to assist you in managing your company's finances. Because of our extensive knowledge and unwavering dedication to providing excellent service to our clients, we are the best option for companies of any size. Please don't let the complexity of the financial regulations slow you down; get in touch with us immediately to find out how we can contribute to your success.